Majun Nuqra & Qurs Kushta Nuqra

Majun Nuqra

Ingredients of Majun Nuqra: 
Safuf Fizza, Kushta Faulad, Kushta Nuqra, Shahad, Ambar, Arq Gauzban, Warq Nuqra.
Indications of Majun Nuqra: 
Removes weakness and gives strength, freshness and invigoration.
Directions for use  of Majun Nuqra:

Majun Nuqra

Majun Nuqra

5 grams to be taken in the morning along with 250 ml of milk.
Packing of Majun Nuqra: 30 grams.

Qurs Kushta Nuqra

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Strengthens the heart, brain and liver. Useful in palpitation and anxiety. Removes sexual debility and is useful in spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission and hydrospermia.COMPOSITION :

Each 125 mg tablet contains:
Argentum Calx (Kushta Nuqra) 50 mg.
Starch (Ararot) q.s.

INDICATIONS : Weakness of the heart, cerebral atony, liver dysfunction, palpitation, anxiety, sexual debility, spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission and hydrospermia.



DOSAGE : 1 tablet with 5 g Khamira Gaozaban Ambari Jawaharwala. For sexual debility 1 tablet with 5 g Labub Kabir followed by a glass of milk.

PRESENTATION : In packs of 20 Tablets.

Uses of silver in medicine.

Demand for silver in medicine is definitely on the increase, as the need grows and the sick get sicker. Silver has potential antibiotic properties that make it especially valuable in fighting strains of bacteria that have become resistant to other antibiotics.

A classic example is the especially worrisome Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MSRA bacteria that colloidal silver has been shown to kill efficiently. The legionella bacterium that causes Legionnaires disease is also susceptible to treatment with silver.

In addition to its use in wound healing for burn victims and the eyes of newborns, silver has also been used to sterilize surfaces such as door knobs, bathrooms, catheters, scrubs and even sometimes in clothing.

Colloidal silver has become increasingly popular as an orally and topically administered antibiotic among alternative medicine practitioners. It is relatively inexpensive, it can be made at home with simple equipment and it has remarkably low toxicity.

Furthermore, colloidal silver acts on a broad spectrum of infectious agents, thereby making tests to identify the specific agent unnecessary before treatment is initiated.

Khamira Marwareed Khas

Khamira Marwareed Khas

Indications for Khamira Marwareed Khas:
It helps in eradicating weakness of Heart. It provides strength to both heart and mind . It regulates the Blood Pressure and is very effective against typhoid,

Moti  Marwareed Mytilus margaritiferus uses

Moti Marwareed Mytilus margaritiferus uses

and small pox. It quickly restores energy in convalescent patients.

Ingredients of Khamira Marwareed Khas:

Burada Sandal Safaid, Arq Kewra, Shakar Safaid, Rubb-e-Shirin, Sat Leemun, Natroon Banjawi, Warq Nuqra, Marwareed Saeeda, Yashab Sabz Saeeda, Kahruba Shamaee Saeeda, Zahar Mohra.
Dosage of Khamira Marwareed Khas: 
For Adults 3-5 grams and for children 1-2 grams according to age may be given before breakfast or when required.
Khamira Marwareed Khas Packing: 60 grams.

Khamira Marwareed Khas

Khamira Marwareed Khas

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Khamira Marwareed Khas” description=”Khamira Marwareed Khasprovides energy and strengthens the heart, helps quickly normalise palpitation. It is also effective in giving protection against side effects of measles, chicken pox and small pox.” brand=”Hamdard Dehlvi” manfu=”Hamdard Dehlvi” model=”KMK” prod_id=”KMK1″ single_rating=”1.7″ agg_rating=”45″ price=”Rs.400.00″ condition=”New” ]
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Relieves palpitation and anxiety states. Strengthens the heart and is very useful in infantile epilepsy and general debility. In chicken pox and measles it protects the heart and other chief organs of the body and is very useful during convalescence after such diseases.


Each 5 gms contains:
Argentum (Warq Nuqra) 41.51 mg
Serpent Stone (Zahar Mohra) 41.51 mg
Bambusa bambos (Tabasheer) 41.51 mg
Santalum album (Sandal Safed) 41.51 mg
Pinus succinifera (Kehruba Mehlool) 41.51 mg
Jade (Yashab Mehlool) 41.51 mg
Mytilus margaritiferus (Marwareed Mehlool) 53.38 mg
Punica granatum Juice (Aabe Anar) 854 mg
Pyrus cydonia Juice (Aabe Behi) 854 mg
Malus sylvestris Juice (Aabe Seb) 854 mg
Sugar (Qand) q.s.

INDICATIONS : Anxiety, palpitation, weakness of heart, infantile epilepsy, general debility, chicken pox, measles, convalescence and calcium deficiency.

According to ancient texts and records pearl has been used for medicinal purposes for over 5000 years. It is antacid, aphrodisiac, a powerful cardiac tonic, mood elevator and highly stimulant. Other medicinal virtues ascribed to pearl are antiaging, emetic, laxative, nutritive and sedative. It is a rich source of calcium and is useful in heartburn, bilious affections, low fevers and checks burning micturition. It is also used as a cerebral tonic in nervous diseases, in leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea and impotence as well as in general debility.

The Calx. (Bhasma) is useful in cough, phthisis and asthma. Its chief use is in low fevers giving rise to burning sensation in the eyes, palms and soles. It reduces the yellowish tinge in the conjunctivae and in the urine due to low fever and checks the burning during micturition. It is also used as a cerebral tonic in nervous disease as chronic headache, epilepsy and other convulsive attacks. It is used in piles also, in leucorrhoea and spermatorrhoea and impotence. The powder is one of the ingredients in numerous Indian preparations used for potency, heart problems consumption etc. pearl powder is a rich source of calcium with self assimilation properties. All the illness due to the calcium deficiency is easily covered by it. It is very useful for the eyes as it keeps the mind cool, blood pressure within the normal limits, digestive system in perfect order and improves vision.

Jawarish Shahi

Jawarish Shahi

Jawarish Shahi Ingredients: 
Murabba Halela, Murabba Amla, Kishneez Khushk, Elaichi Khurd, Arq Bed Mushk, Qand Safaid.
Indications of Jawarish Shahi: 
Cardiac and Brain tonic. Relieves throbbing and restlessness.
Dosage for Jawarish Shahi:
5 – 10 Grams to be taken in the morning before breakfast.
Packing of Jawarish Shahi : 125 grams.
[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Jawarish Shahi” description=”Jawarish Shahi is Prepared with Daucus carota, Emblica officinalis, Amomum subulatum and Eletteria cardamomum for strengthening heart and stomach.” brand=”Ham Deh” manfu=”Ham Deh” model=”JS” prod_id=”JS1″ single_rating=”2.4″ agg_rating=”45″ price=”Rs.100.00″ condition=”New” ]
Useful in perplexity, palpitation and restlessness. Potentiates functioning of heart, brain and digestive system. Useful in relieving acidity.
Each dose of 5 g contains:
Elettaria cardamomum (Heel Khurd) 52.63 mg
Coriandrum sativum (Kishniz) 210.53 mg
Emblica officinale (Preserve) (Morabba Amla) 1.052 g
Terminalia chebula (Preserve) (Morabba Halela) 1.052 g
Sugar (Qand) 2.631 g
Aqua Borago officinalis (Arq Gaozaban) q.s.
Preservative q.s.

Elettaria cardamomum benefits:

elettaria cardamomum ilaichi health benefits

elettaria cardamomum ilaichi health benefits

  • colic
  • bedwetting
  • freshening the breath after eating garlic
  • kidneys and bladder
  • detoxifies caffeine
  • fighting infections
  • anorexia
  • asthma
  • digestion
  • antispasmodic